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 How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook

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PostSubject: How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:26 am

How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook

1 - Connect your BlackBerry to the Desktop Manager

While the desktop manager is running, connect your BlackBerry to the PC using the USB. You should see an error message stating "No applications configured for synchronization" if you haven't already set anything to sync.

2 - Set up which parts of Outlook to sync

Okay clicking okay (and entering your password if one exists), click Synchronize. Now click synchronization under the configuration tab and then select Synchronization.

If you a password exists on your device, you may be asked to input it once again. For this example, I will choose Contacts only, but you also have the option to the calendar, memo pad and tasks. Keep in mind you can choose to sync with Yahoo! as well. For Google, you would need to use Google Sync.

Check off the radio for Address Book and you will be asked to from the available desktop applications. Highlight Outlook and then select "Next"

The next screen is where you can choose 'Two Way Sync' / 'One Way Sync from the BlackBerry to Outlook' / 'One Way Sync from Outlook to the BlackBerry.' I usually choose Two sync as it will merge data from both your device and Outlook (safest option).

After you choose, hit Next. On this screen, you would select the Outlook profile you'd like to sync, majority of us only have Outlook, but some may have business contacts and personal contacts in which they don't mix. After choosing your profile, hit Next and then click Finish after getting to the Congratulations screen. You can choose to sync more items or click OK if you're done.

3- Synchronizing your data

I usually unplug my berry at the main screen in Desktop Manager for five (5) seconds and then plug it back up. You will then be asked for your password if one exists.

You will now see the synchronization screen bring up a new screen if there are any changes to be made with your Address book, Calendar, Memo pad or Tasks. You can choose to Accept or Decline the changes.

After your synchronization is done, you can check both Outlook and BlackBerry for the changes. Once you see the additions/deletions, you have successfully set your BlackBerry up to Sync. Yay!
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How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook
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