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 XP Protection v2.43

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PostSubject: XP Protection v2.43   Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:16 pm

XP Protection v2.43

XPProtection provides security in a user-friendly interface, making you aware of any attacks from hackers, and Trojans. New features include protocol driver level protection, enhanced logging, user selected scan delay, kill on demand, save attack log and more. Some of its standard features are
• Intrusion detection.
• Protects information from getting damaged.
• Alerts on intrusion by blinking.
• Shows any open ports.
XPProtection keeps an eye on all Internet connections to and from your computer to monitor all traffic and alerts you of attempted intrusions.
XPProtection lets you see all open ports on your computer. It alerts you of any possible intrusion or attack by a red blinking light and by showing the intruder in the attack list.

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XP Protection v2.43
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